Executive Housekeeper

REPORTS : General Manager


Supervises all housekeeping employees. Executive Housekeeper is responsible for the hiring and/or discharge of in-eligible employees based on performance. She/He is responsible for planning and assigning daily, weekly, and monthly work tasks. The Executive provides and coordinates employee training, as well as reviews and performance feedback. She or He will be responsible for auditing and inspecting housekeeping work assignments. The Executive will also be responsible for inventory tracking and ordering needed supplies for hotel housekeeping requirements. She or He will also manage the budgets associated with the department.


Supervises all housekeeping employees, hires new employees as needed, discharges   employees when necessary and takes disciplinary actions when policies are not followed.  Evaluates Employees on a regular basis; daily, 30, 60, 90, 180 days, and 1 year period. The reviews and feedback will help prepare them for any desired openings he or she is interested in, that may become available within the company. The Executive will provide needed tools and opportunities to help the applicant move up in the company.

She or He will plan the work for the housekeeping department and distributes assignments accordingly. Assigns regular duties and special duties for housekeeping staff. The Executive Housekeeping Manager will be responsible for scheduling employees according to hotel occupancy forecasts.

The Executive Housekeeping Manager will be responsible for recruiting and coordinating training for new employees, will assign new employees to work with experienced employees or trainers for the department. She or He will be responsible for checking and evaluating the performance of new and existing employees.

The Executive Housekeeping Manager creates all supply requisitions, such as those for linen, terry, and housekeeping supplies. She or He will track, verify, and be responsible for discarded linen and/or terry.

She or He will maintain a lost-and-found log within the computers housekeeping department and is responsible for securing all lost­ and-found items. The Executive will help coordinate the return of lost-and-found items with the Front Desk staff.


  • Responsible for cleanliness. Orderliness and appearance of the entire hotel.
  • Ensure that rooms are made as per company standard.
  • Maintain par stock of guest supplies, cleaning  supplies, linen, and uniform.
  • Develop and implement Housekeeping systems and procedures
  • Prepare reports for management information.
  • Attending and resolving guest complaints.
  • Verification of supplies consignments.
  • Organize on-the-job training and evaluate its effectiveness.
  • Recommend recruitment of new personnel.
  • Daily inspection of public areas and employee’s locker rooms.
  • Coordinating the preventive maintenance schedule of rooms and public area with the maintenance department.
  • Immediately attending to guest requests.


  • Education: High School required.
  • Experience: Minimum three years as an assistant housekeeper or supervisor.