Executive Housekeeper


General Manager

Position Summary

The Executive Housekeeper manages and supervises housekeeping operations at their location. They maintain levels of cleanliness of hotel services provided by each position within their department including guest rooms, laundry, public space, breakfast area & kitchen, as well as department storage and work areas. The Executive Housekeeper work closely with all the operational teams to provide support and to ensure policies and procedures implemented by Aikens Group, and its franchisors, are executed within the housekeeping department.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Personnel Responsibilities
    • Conducts morning huddles for staff, to discuss daily stats and happenings
    • Interviews and selects all housekeeping staff with General Manager approval.
    • Schedules staff according to standards and forecasted occupancy with General Manager approval.
    • Conducts employee performance evaluations
    • Conducts periodic training and retraining, as necessary, to implement new procedures and programs.
    • Provides employees with adequate supplies and operation equipment.
    • Participates in other management programs to continue personal & professional growth.
    • Works with different department heads as necessary to resolve guest complaints and maximize efficiency/guest satisfaction at the property.
    • Clearly communicates responsibilities and expectations to all team members.
    • Communicates clearly to management teams on projects and enhancements to each department under development.
    • Maintains a positive atmosphere within their department and their property
    • Follows the training guidelines and orientation procedures outlines by the Director of Housekeeping
  • Operational Responsibilities
    • Ensures that quality services are rendered by the housekeeping department in meeting guests needs and that guest satisfaction is achieved.
    • Maintains established policies and procedures as outlined by their brand and Aikens Group.
    • Maintains departmental communication through effective us of staff meetings, logbooks, and bulletin boards.
    • Maintains room quality percent of performance weekly.
    • Monitors and maintains levels of cleanliness in rooms/suites, storage areas, laundry, rest rooms, meetings rooms, and public space.
    • Establishes and enforces procedures for security of guests and hotel property.
    • Enforces procedures for the personal safety and security of guests and employees.
    • Complies and reports accurate status of guest room/suites to front office.
    • Enforces standard procedures for the acceptance, security, and return on guest lost and found items.
    • Maintains standard procedures for security of on-loan equipment.
    • Maintains the productivity and labor cost goals.
    • Implements emergency procedures and conducts periodic drills.
    • Conducts monthly inventory of linen, supplies, and equipment.
    • Orders and receives supplies as necessary to maintain inventory levels.
    • Maintains security of housekeeping attendants’ keys, department keys, and keys left in guest rooms/suites.
    • Completes and forwards all required records and reports in a timely manner with accurate information.
    • Calculates, submits, and monitors departmental costs
    • Ensures action steps are taken to maintain department’s level of performance as set by Aikens Group and hotel brand standards.
  • Project Responsibilities
    • Assists and leads projects assigned by ownership.
    • Maintains overall project accountability for projects performance.
    • Leads and conducts project status meetings with key personnel.
    • Directing coordination and completion of projects as assigned by deadline or, if a deadline is not assigned, in a timely manner.
  • All other duties as assigned


Knowledge, Skills and Requirements

  • Must be attentive to details.
  • Be timely in all communications and requests by ownership.
  • Must have the ability to handle pressure in meeting deadlines and prioritize tasks.
  • Must have the ability to work independently and use independent judgment with minimal supervision.
  • Must produce high-quality work that has been proofed and is error free.
  • Minimum three years as an assistant housekeeper or supervisor

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