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Crane Rental Services

H&W Construction is one of the area’s largest crane companies in the northern Shenandoah Valley. Our crane fleet ranges from a 30 Ton Boom Truck to a 140 Ton Hydraulic Truck Crane and our operators and riggers meet or exceed Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland requirements for certification. H&W provides a wide range of customized crane rigging and lifting solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

Based in Winchester, VA, H&W Construction utilizes its skilled manpower and specialized heavy lift equipment to achieve the goals of the customer while maintaining operations with limited interruptions. H&W’s fleet of cranes, coupled with the expertise of its personnel, is used in specific, repeatable applications varying in scope. Highly skilled supervisors and licensed operators perform all aspect of a project from consultation to execution.

To ensure you get the right crane for the job, we offer free on-site support from our field engineers. Each of our operators undergoes MSHA and OSHA training on a continual basis, receives training and certification through NCCCO, and is constantly mindful of the customer and their property while operating. Offering one of the largest fleets of specialized lifting equipment on the Interstate 81 Corridor, H&W is able to customize lifting solutions, as necessary to each individual customer’s needs on a project-specific basis.


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    • Technical crane lifting service from 30 to 140 tons
    • Highly-skilled crane and rigging personnel
    • Consultation, review and planning, engineering, execution and evaluation
    • Comprehensive safety review and planning
    • Provides footprint and mapping of project to determine load requirements, rigging, and risk analysis.
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    At H&W Construction, we take pride in meeting our customer needs as efficiently as possible. We offer 24-hour service 7 days a week for the businesses and municipalities we partner with, as well as new customers. Our service process and our reputation for execution are based on determining specific customer needs and planning the solution with all goals and expectations to be met.

    Emergency Crane Contact: (540) 974-8774

    Industrial Lifting

    Bridge Construction & Maintenance

    Cell Towers


    Factor & Production CCI Certified Operators

    Commercial Lifting

    HVAC Maintenance & Replacement

    Steel Erection

    Residential Lifting

    Modular Housing

    Truss Work

    Tree Removal & Trimming