Strength Through

Our Mission

We build strong relationships by delivering quality products with exceptional service. We are committed to the quality of life of our team members who are the cornerstone of our success.

Our Vision

To be the trusted source of development in our community.

Our Culture

Aikens Group believes that our employees are the strength of our company’s foundation. Our founder believed in the Merit Shop philosophy where the “real net worth of a company is its employees: the efficiency, ambitions, attitudes, health, and stability.”

Aikens Group feels that an employee/employer connection is a relationship. It is both parties responsibility to watch out for what is best for each other to make the bond stronger and more successful. Every employee has the opportunity for continued education, development, and advancement within the company. It is important every employee feels engaged and are trained for their position. Internal promotions and transfers are a common practice for those interested in growing professionally and personally with the organization.

Community Involvement

Being a family owned and operated business, we have a direct link to the communities in which we operate. Aikens Group’s officers and employees are active members of many non-profit organizations in order to give a little back to the community.

Our belief is that our community is only as strong and viable as its inhabitants. The Shenandoah Valley is a beautiful place to live, raise our children, and retire. The Aikens Group has been a company in the valley since 1931 and has benefited from the economic growth the valley has seen. We welcome the opportunity to give back!


Our Company History

Aikens Group Pillars & Values

We believe there are three pillars of success that contribute to the prosperity of our team members, our individual properties, and our company as a whole.


We believe the individuals we work with and are able to serve are critical to our success. Through the development of our team, building strong relationships with our guests, and being an integral part of our community, the company will thrive.

Team Members

At Aikens Group, we believe in a healthy work environment for all of our team members. We strive to maintain a work-life balance for each team member and are motivated to develop each individual personally and professionally as they are the cornerstone of the company’s success.


Our Guests are our hotel patrons, tenants, and corporate partners, and we are privileged to have the opportunity to build a relationship with each one. We Build Strong Relationships by delivering quality products with exceptional service to be their partner of choice.


Aikens Group believes that a community is only as strong as its inhabitants. All our employees are encouraged to give back to the communities we serve.


The core processes Aikens Group exhibits are clear communication and consistency paired with a team that is mindful of costs and focused on increasing sales.


Through the Aikens Audits and Brand Inspections, Aikens Group can ensure each business line delivers a quality product.

Clear Communication

Aikens Group strives to communicate clearly and effectively to ensure all team members are knowledgeable of the company’s expectations and future direction.

Sales Focused

Aikens Group encourages its team members to have a proactive approach to sales. The importance of maximizing each revenue opportunity enables the company to be the market leader for each business line by reinvesting in its products.


Aikens Group concentrates on being cost-conscious. Each management team actively monitors all expenditures while ensuring a quality product is maintained.


We take pride in being a market leader for each of our business lines. This is accomplished through the products and services we offer. By offering a quality product with exceptional service, Aikens Group will Build Strong Relationships through loyalty and trust.


Having a reliable, sound product that our guests can trust Aikens Group to stand behind is the foundation of our relationships.

Personalized Service

At Aikens Group, exceptional service sets us apart from the competition. We aim to offer a memorable experience through each of our business lines.


Aikens Group’s goal is to be our guest’s sole partner for each of our business lines by offering a variety of products and services to meet each of their needs.

Reasonably Priced

To remain competitive in the market, Aikens Group ensures its products are priced in a manner that creates value for its guests.