2011 Marketing Strategy is New Networking with Commercial Tenants


The Aikens Group is taking an aggressive marketing approach to building strong relationships. 2011 marks eighty years of doing business in the Shenandoah Valley. Success has come thru the strong relationships Aikens Group has built with their customers. By creating a market campaign called Aikens Group Community Network, Aikens Group is reaching out to their commercial tenants, business partners, apartment tenants, and employees over Virginia and West Virginia regional economic area.

Beginning in 2011, Aikens Group will continue and expand the Aikens Community Network to include:

  • Aikens Friends and Family Rate offering discounts to local hotels to its employees, apartment tenants and select business partners for discounted room accommodations.
  • Aikens Group Discount Card offering discounts from their apartment tenants and commercial lessees businesses to anyone who is a partner with Aikens Group.
  • Apartment Welcome Baskets are given to anyone who visits our apartment complexes. These baskets include incentives, promotions from our Aikens Group business partners and many others. Once an apartment lease is signed the new tenants will then qualify to receive an Aikens Group Discount Card. This card is good for one year.
  • Aikens E Newsletters are available to tenants and lessees to highlight their business and permit them to offer a promotion or coupon.

Following the lead of other large businesses, there is a new approach to sells which involves reaching out and giving to receive. The goal of the card is to drive business to our Aikens Group Partners. Last year we gave out 2500 and this year we will have over 5,000 to give out.  The card offers discounts from restaurants including Rita’s Ice, Hoss Steak and Seafood House, Burger King and Roma on the Go  to City National Bank, Kids and More, Protel AT & T — over twenty of our commercial tenants. It also includes retail stores including Beauty Salons, Sporting Goods, Yoga Studio’s and Daycare Centers as well as the  the Aikens Group’s eight (8) Hotels

offering a 15% Discount Room Rental. It also includes H & W Construction and Crane Services, a division of Aikens Group.

All four of these avenues offer free marketing opportunities to Aikens Group Family of Businesses. Not only do the employees, tenants, and lessees get to take advantage of these discounts, our hotel managers and front desk staff are educated about who are our partners so if the opportunity presents itself, another marketing opportunity called “word of mouth” is offered.

If you would like more information to be on the card  – CALL TODAY 540-667-3752, Nancy Craun, Director of Marketing.  Our deadline is June 7th.  To receive the card, Register Now.

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