Area’s First Geocaching Hotel Travel Bug

Winchester Area's First Geocache Travel Bug

Aikens Group, a Winchester, VA based hotel development and management firm is happy to announce that one of its Winchester hotels is officially home to the first Geocaching Hotel Travel Bug. Geocaching is a hobby/past-time activity that involves seeking out predetermined locations and resolving a puzzle or secret code to unlock a momento rewarded to the geocacher/seeker participant. A Travel Bug is a trackable (GPS) tag that is attached to an item tracked on the website The item, typically a key ring or miniature stuffed animal attached to millitary-like dog tags, is then carried from cache to cache (or person to person) in the real world so Geocachers around the world can follow its progress online. “Travel Bugs make geocaching weekends fun…you collect Travel Bugs’ codes and follow them on the Internet as they travel around the world. You learn about people and places you didn’t know existed before and connect with them,” said Geocaching enthusiast, Courtlyn Hardy from Berkeley County,WV who enjoys Geocaching with her family on weekends. Geocachers visiting the Winchester, VA and Shenandoah Valley region are encouraged to further investigate Aikens Group hotels on their scavenger hunts! Learn more about Geocaching at

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