Business Highlights: Blue Plate Books


Blue Plate Books is one of the businesses which the recent poor economy has not hurt.   Opening in September 2008, Owner Pat Saine’s goal is to be a good local resource for helping books circulate around the community.  Not usually thinking of a book store as a “green” business, one realizes that buying used books saves trees.  “We find a good home for used books. When people clean their bookshelves or downsize, they bring their books to us.  and our used books are a great buy.  You get all the same words, but pay significantly less than the new book prices at the big box stores.”

Pat is also quick to point out that supporting local businesses is good for the community.  “60% of the money spent in national chains leaves the community, while almost 75% stays inside the community when you buy locally. ”  Pat says.

Blue Plate Books took the opportunity to double their space in October 2010 just two years after opening their doors.  With an inventory of over 20,000 books, Blue Plate Books customers are pleased to see the used bookstore’s inventory expanding.  “When our customers find out that we have both a good selection and good prices, they become regulars.”

Located at 2257 Valley Avenue in Aikens Court strip mall, this new location offers better visibility.  The larger commercial space provides more frontage so people can locate Blue Plate Books more easily.   Pat gave careful consideration to the signage improvements in the windows as well.

Pat is honest to say that in this tough economy, they are doing ok. “The expansion was a bit of a stretch”.  Pat is hoping it will pay off once the economy starts rolling again.  Since Blue Plate Books is a very young business, Pat says he is in the ‘sweat’ part of the ‘sweat-equity’ proposition.  He is optimistic about Blue Plate Books’s future.

As a side note – Pat first career was as an ophthalmic photographer. He photographed retinas for ophthalmologists.  (You can see his work at  After twenty five years, he needed a change.  He always wanted to own a bookstore.  With his children out of school and his wife deciding to go back to work, Pat said he realized that if he didn’t follow his dreams, he might never get the chance.  Moving to Winchester was his opportunity to start this new second career.  It took two years to actually open the store.

Aikens Group salutes Pat and Blue Plate Books.

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