Inspecting your Home – A Yearly Checkup!

handyman connection

With the news reporting an increase in unemployment in the United States for this quarter, it is good to see a company within the Aikens Group Community Network offering solutions.

Handyman Connection in Winchester, Virginia  is a good example of a successful franchise. Opening in June 2008, they expanded their space with the Aikens Group at Dominion Square on Front Royal Pike in 2010.   Franchises offer the opportunity for a small business to have the benefits of a large marketing program behind them as well as stability of a successful business plan. While other businesses are failing, Handyman Connection is growing. People are holding on to their homes repairing them and making home improvements. This is a great franchise for a struggling economy.

Tiffany Stotler Peters, Owner,  offers five steps for giving your house a yearly checkup.

  1. Inspect the exterior of your home – look for anything that is broken, cracked, curled, crooked, peeling, or stained.  Also be sure to look for any overgrown trees or foliage that could cause damage to your roof or siding.
  2. Closely examine any trouble spots – think about places where water may be coming into or around your home.  Check your home’s doors, windows, framing, siding, roofing, and the foundation.
  3. Inspect the interior of your home – look for sagging floors, walls, ceilings, peeling paint, sticking doors, loose floorboards, popped drywall screws, squeaky stairs, and loose ceiling fans.  In addition, be sure your attic is dry and has enough insulation.
  4. Check your plumbing – look for signs of leaks in exposed pipes or where they enter walls or foundations.  Also pay attention to running toilets, loose, tile, brittle or loose appliance hoses, dripping faucets, or clogged sinks.
  5. Inspect your electrical and heating systems – make note of loose outlet covers and receptacle boxes, and scorch marks in the breaker box or around plugs.  Be sure to test GFI’s, change furnace filters and schedule annual maintenance for your furnace.

Could your home use a handyman?  Tiffany says, “Trust the pros at Handyman Connection to tackle your home repairs. Whether you need something installed, built, repaired, or maintained, we are your one connection for getting it done!  Contact Handyman Connection at 540-450-0671 or email Tiffany. Start turning your to-do’s into Done today!

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