Bench Manager


This position under general direction assists with managing all operations of the hotel. Supervising, Training and Motivating.  The individual in this position can perform all jobs associated with the daily functions of hotel, administrative duties, interviewing applicants, front desk, and housekeeping.  This position helps managing a hotel or department in the absence of the General Manager or Department Head.

  • Complete all duties assigned by the Vice Presidents or hotel General Manager.
  • Manage the daily duties of the General Manager and the hotel in their absents.
  • Manager individual departments, i.e. Front Desk, Housekeeping, or Food & Beverage.
  • Cover shifts as an hourly associate as needed or signed.
  • Break out housekeeping assignments (board) for Room Attendants.
  • Clean and/ inspect rooms as needed.
  • Inspect guest rooms and update front office system.
  • Order housekeeping items as needed.
  • Insure all paperwork is in proper order and done daily.
  • Handle Daily, Weekly schedule of departments to insure proper coverage.
  • Introduce new policies and procedures to Hotel Management and hourly staff members.
  • Instruct in best practices learned from other hotels.
  • Insure all proper paperwork is being done in a timely manner as observed during daily/weekly duties.
  • Train management and staff in all aspects of operations.
  • Handle light maintenance within the Bench Managers knowledge.
  • Insure engineers are knowledgeable in “lock out tag out” policies and procedures, and all policies are being followed.
  • Handle all food and beverage needs to include covering of shifts, scheduling, ordering of food and/or beverage to insure a smooth operation.
  • Report on any areas that the hotel could use to reduce food/beverage expense.
  • Inventory items in F & B as signed by management or as needed.
  • Insure all policies and procedures are followed in line with local, state and federal regulations, to the best of the Bench Managers knowledge.
  • Review rate and revenue management procedures to insure the hotel is maximizing all revenue opportunities.
  • Complete a weekly report regarding duties assigned and completed, need areas of the hotel, policy and procedures conducted on property.   Any formal or informal training conducted during assignment.  This report is to be distributed to the Hotel General Manager & Vice Presidents.
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