Front Office Manager


General Manager

Position Summary

The Front Office Manager is responsible for all duties of the front desk operation, which include: staff training, inter-department communications, and staff scheduling. The Front Office Manager works a regularly scheduled front desk shift and must be available to work any shift as needed. They will provide support to their department and ensure policies and procedures implemented by Aikens Group, ad its franchisors, are executed within the front desk department.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Personnel Responsibilities
    • Clearly communicates responsibilities and expectations to all team members.
    • Communicates clearly to management teams on projects and enhancements to operations under development.
    • Assists in the recruiting and interview process for key positions.
    • Responsible for the overall operation of the Front Desk by ensuring the staff is trained and has the necessary resources available to deliver a welcoming and problem-free stay.
    • Facilitates the training of all new hires and existing front desk staff, to ensure everyone has a complete understanding of the job duties and is well informed of the front office operations.
    • Ensures that all Front Desk staff is up to date on all policies and procedures.
    • Organizes on-the-job training and evaluates its effectiveness.
    • Records data for the attendance points system and personnel actions for the entire hotel.
    • Writes staff schedules and posts with approval from General Manager.
  • Operational Responsibilities
    • Evaluates, develops, and recommends tools, policies, procedures and programs that would be beneficial for consideration.
    • Familiar with all three shifts and is responsible for overage of front desk shifts when needed.
    • Is cross-trained in all other hotel departments.
    • Communicates with the management team regularly and makes certain the communication log is being utilized correctly and that pertinent information is being communicated between shifts.
    • Monitors Guest Satisfaction scores and develops solutions for improvement areas.
    • Inventories Front Desk supplies, market/pantry area, and places orders when necessary.
    • Follows all guidelines in the Employee Handbook and the Front Office Manual to enforce policies and procedures outlined by Aikens Group and the hotel brand.
  • Project Responsibilities
    • Assists and leads projects assigned by ownership.
    • Maintains overall project accountability for projects performance.
    • Leads and conducts project status meetings with key personnel.
    • Directing coordination and completion of projects as assigned by deadline or, if a deadline is not assigned, in a timely manner.
  • All other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Requirements

  • Must be attentive to details.
  • Be timely in all communications and requests by ownership.
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience as a supervisor or 2 years as a Front Desk Agent.
  • Must have the ability to handle pressure in meeting deadlines and prioritize tasks.
  • Must have the ability to work independently and use independent judgment with minimal supervision.
  • Must produce high-quality work that has been proofed and is error free.
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